How to effectively promote your gift vouchers

19 Mar 2018

So, you’ve created your custom gift vouchers – now is the time to start promoting them. You already know that gift vouchers are an excellent marketing tool, but are you being pro-active when it comes to encouraging customers to actually make a purchase? This simple checklist is easy to action and designed to effectively promote your vouchers to guests and customers.

Promote them on your website

Depending on the type of business you operate your website will often be the first place potential customers will look when researching your products or services. Ensuring they know you can provide gift vouchers is a great starting point.

However, if you have an online shop or booking process you should also make it as easy as possible for your gift vouchers to be redeemed. Getting your vouchers printed including alphanumeric codes allows your vouchers to be spent online (providing you have the facility to use promo codes in your order basket) while also removing the risk of any fraudulent activity.

Tell your customers using email marketing

Your customers may have no idea you’re selling retail vouchers, or giving away tickets or discount vouchers, so using your current email database can get them clued up. Make sure your email marketing campaign is personalised to increase customer engagement, then put together an eye-catching email that promotes your vouchers and links to your website. Don’t forget to let customers know about not only your custom gift vouchers but also seasonal offerings.

Promote using your blog

Adding new content to your blog about your latest vouchers is not only an effective marketing strategy but will also contribute to increase online visibility. Schedule regular posts for seasonal or special offer vouchers as an effective way to keep your business in the mind of potential customers.

Social media is your best asset

Your social media channels are one of the most cost-effective ways for you to promote your gift vouchers and your business in general. Effective promotion is all about creating a constant drip feed of information and cross-marketing between your blog posts, email newsletters and social media channels. Creating a small budget to put behind your social media campaigns will give an even greater effect.

Advertise using offline collateral

Don’t forget that traditional forms of marketing like flyers and gift voucher posters can be an effective way to create an in-store point of sale promotion. And when you have your sales strategy securely in place, that’s the time to use our voucher creator and start planning your next campaign.

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