Artwork Guide

If you are supplying images or logos for inclusion on your voucher, please make sure that you supply us with the highest quality images that will do justice to your brand and your gift vouchers.

Supplying images
For the best possible reproduction, all photographs should be supplied at 300dpi at the size that you wish it to be printed. Please note that images downloaded from the internet are only 72dpi, and are generally unsuitable for printing purposes. If we have to enlarge the image to fit on the voucher, then this will reduce the resolution of the final image.

Supplying your logo
The ideal file format for your logo is a vector PDF or EPS file, as this will enable us to reproduce your logo at any size without loss of quality. If your logo is to be placed on a white background, a high resolution JPEG file (300dpi) will often suffice.

Supplying Complete Voucher Artwork
If you are providing your own voucher design, please use the templates available below.

  1. Please ensure that you allow 2mm bleed around the final size of the voucher to enable a nice clean finish when your vouchers have been trimmed.
  2. Please take account of the security features when designing your voucher, paying particular attention to the heat sensitive panel on the reverse of the voucher.

  Download voucher template

  Download card template

Contact our team

If you have any further questions regarding how to supply your logo and imagery please don’t hesitate to ask.