Security Features

Gift vouchers are as good as cash, yet their security is often overlooked by companies using them. Our secure voucher paper and hologram add greatly to the aesthetics of your voucher and reflect the premium feel of your business. The main benefit of these security features however is the protection that they provide against the financial damage caused by the unauthorised reproduction of your gift vouchers. As standard, all of our gift vouchers include the following security features:

Watermarked Security Paper

Watermarked security paper provides an effective form of protection against counterfeiting, and is difficult, if not impossible to reproduce by copiers and scanners. Security paper with this feature is distributed only to authorised manufacturers, making it difficult for counterfeiters to obtain. The 120gsm watermarked paper that we use on our gift vouchers is also only available to us, providing additional security.


All of our gift vouchers incorporate a hologram as standard. Holograms add considerable interest and value to your voucher, as well as increased security. They provide a unique level of protection against fraudulent conversion, offer quick visible authentication, are widely recognised and cannot be duplicated through photocopying or computer scanning. For additional security, our hologram is only available to us.

Security Inks

An invisible UV feature is printed on the face of the voucher, and is only visible under a UV lamp. This provides a simple method of quickly authenticating your voucher, using the same light used to authenticate bank notes at your tills.

A thermochromic ink panel on the reverse of the voucher reacts to change colour when subjected to heat, ideal for providing instant verification of your voucher.


All of our personalised gift vouchers include sequential numbering on the voucher and stub as standard. If you wish to redeem your vouchers online as well as in-store, then we can also generate and print alphanumeric codes, which you can forward to your web developer for inclusion on a voucher redemption feature on your website payment page.

Barcodes and QR codes are also available (static or sequential).