Voucher Artwork Guide

Our Top Tips For Great Gift Voucher Design

16 Feb 2021

Gift vouchers are a powerful tool that more and more businesses are choosing to adopt in order to maximise repeat customers. Selling gift vouchers enhances brand loyalty and guarantees a customer in the not so distant future. Better yet, the ability to customise your own bespoke gift vouchers gives you control over how your business is presented and allows you to create gift vouchers that are a wonderful gift for somebody to purchase.

Here are some top tips to consider when designing your vouchers:

Incorporate gift voucher security features

The biggest threat when purchasing gift vouchers is the risk of somebody attempting to copy a voucher and print their own. Luckily, there are a number of advanced security features you can adopt into your gift voucher design – this includes holograms, heat reactive inks, watermarked paper, microtext and numbering. If used correctly, these security features can add to the professional look of the voucher.

Keep your voucher design clear & simple

Rather than trying to cram too much information onto the front of the voucher, think about what is more important to have on there. Too much text will make the voucher unclear and less appealing. Any extra terms and conditions can simply be added to the back of the voucher.

Choose the material

You have flexibility in what how large your vouchers are and what form they come in. You can go for smaller business card size of vouchers, all the way up to cheque-book style slips. You should go for paper that is above 150gsm to ensure suitable quality, though card stock is better for durability.

Think about tracking method

You should also decide on which way you are going to track the cards you give out. If you order vouchers that come in fixed denominations, such as £5, £10 and £20, then the printing company can usually supply you with a numerical system for you to track which cards have been issued and redeemed. However, you could simply go for a design that allows you to write the intended amount straight onto the card when being issued. Whichever method you go for, consider where you will be writing the given amounts.

Secure Vouchers

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