How gift vouchers can aid your restaurant business during COVID-19

16 Nov 2020

Times are tough right now and it’s clear that every business has been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. It must be said, however, that the hospitality industry has taken an especially large hit. We don’t know how long this virus will last, or how long people are going to be told to stay out of restaurants, pubs and bars.

Business owners are now having to put their thinking caps on in order to conjure up creative techniques to keep sales (and their business) afloat. Industry leaders are recommending companies put their efforts into the selling of gift vouchers, a tried and tested marketing strategy for many that provides immediate cash flow to a business. Moreover, when life returns to normal (and eventually it will!) customers will then be prepared and ready to visit these businesses first.

Here is why your restaurant should be selling gift vouchers during COVID-19:

Cash Flow 

With your restaurant doors remaining closed for the time being, gift cards can inject a much-needed immediate cash flow to replace your usual customer dining revenue. Selling gift vouchers is a straightforward, low-cost solution to your current lack of sales.  

Loyal Customers

Do you have loyal customers? Give them the chance to support your restaurant during these challenging times! Selling gift vouchers to your number one fans allows your business to keep going. Purchasing vouchers is a great way to support local businesses who are struggling to keep going with lockdown regulations. Additionally, buyers are helping to save the jobs of local people.


Once lockdown rules have lifted, many customers will be eager to go out and enjoy the restaurant dining experience once again. Make sure you stand out from the other restaurants, and become memorable by selling vouchers.


If your restaurant is remaining open for takeaway and collection, display your vouchers in a visible place for customers to see. Be sure to make them stand out and eye-catching. Alternatively, why not display a poster asking the customer to inquire about gift vouchers to a member of staff?


Ask your team to market the vouchers when the opportunity arises, either over the phone or when customers collect their takeaway. Let them know how much they will be supported by their gift voucher purchase.


Sell vouchers on your website, and market them via email and social media! Get people talking about your business. Use hashtags such as #supportlocal and #supportsmallbusinesses to build visibility of your brand.


By throwing in some freebies or other promotions, you can entice the customer to buy from you now, rather than later. You could offer a week -long discount on £25 gift vouchers, by selling them at £22.00.  Alternatively, why not add in an extra £5 gift card when somebody purchases a £50 voucher? Suppling long shelf lives of the vouchers, or being flexible on your T&C’s will show thanks and appreciation to your customers who supported you during tougher times.


Of course, gift vouchers may not fully replace the sales that come from a full restaurant. However, at this point, every little helps. Vouchers make the perfect gift for people to give to loved ones over the coming months, whilst giving people something to look forward to during these bleak times.  If you’re in need of that important cash flow, invest in some gift vouchers, and you will reap the benefits.

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