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How to promote your gift voucher books and boost sales

30 Jan 2018

In today’s competitive retail market, voucher book printing is easy, and they are an important tool in differentiating yourself from the competition. With so much choice, a well designed gift voucher can be enough to turn a browser into a repeat customer. Here are three tips that will have your voucher books flying out the store.

Time specific voucher books make great gifts

The contents of your voucher booklet will makes a great present, but they’re often last-minute gifts rather than long-planned purchases. With that in mind, you should market your vouchers around important gifting occasions to give customers that extra push. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are all great ideas, and the gift on offer should be worded and themed to match. Panic buyers are also often willing to pay over the odds for a product just to ensure they don’t miss an important date, so it’s a good opportunity to target higher spending customers if you get the wording right: words that suggest exclusivity, value and excess can make customers feel like they’re getting a great deal.

Introduce your vouchers to your overall marketing strategy

Your voucher books may be physical, but waiting for customers to notice them in your shop isn’t a great way to sell them. Let customers know they exist by including them in your email marketing as ‘deals of the week’ or ‘last minute offers’. You can even recommend similar purchases by following up their latest buy with a voucher that is linked to their last order – which might be just what they were looking for, or it might be something they’d recommend to a friend even if they’re not.

Use social media to promote your vouchers and gauge their buying habits

Social media can be as on the button as it’s possible to be with regards to your customers’ current spending moods, whether they’ve been searching for wedding ideas on Instagram or posting about a holiday on Facebook. Using these platforms’ advertising options to target people who fit your demographic allows you to reach people at that golden time when they’re just about to buy, and to design gift vouchers around exactly what they’re looking to purchase. It’s a quick and easy way to guarantee you’re going after the right people and to get them right at the point of sale.

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