Are You Prepared? Why Personalised Gift Vouchers Are the Perfect Christmas Gift

01 Oct 2020

Brace yourself – Christmas is coming!

Over the next few months retail outlets will begin to experience that flush of demand, as people start exploring for potential gifts for their loved ones. According to Bobatoo,  last year saw a 48% increase in people starting their Christmas shopping before September!

How can you direct some of this spending towards your own organisation? Whilst there are numerous ways to do so, one tried and tested promotional tool that often gets overlooked by smaller retail outlets is to create and sell the classic, time-honored gift voucher. From restaurants to beauty spas, gift vouchers have something to offer everyone.

Here’s why gift vouchers are the answer for your business’ financial success this season:

Support during Coronavirus 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are struggling to maintain their previous levels of demand, especially in-store. Gift vouchers are an assured way to bring customers into your business this Christmas and into 2021.

Increased spending

People love to spend their money at Christmas. The average British family spends approximately £900 on food, drink and presents during the festive season. Considered to be a time of celebration, treating each other and over indulging, individuals who are given your voucher for Christmas will be likely to spend more than the actual value of the gift voucher itself.

Additionally, over 50% of gift card recipients typically need more than one shopping trip to redeem their full voucher value, which means your business can reap the rewards of numerous return visits!

Upfront revenue and increased cash flow

With gift vouchers, your revenue is secured in the run-up to Christmas as customers choose to purchase your gift vouchers for loved ones. What’s more, you are safely assured that those who receive your vouchers for Christmas are lined up to return after the busy period. January is the top month for gift card redemption, thereby extending the holiday shopping season for you, ensuring revenue streams for your company, despite post-Christmas spending dip trends.

Convenience buying

Despite what the adverts say, not everyone loves the Christmas shopping rush. For those who want to avoid spending those stressful hours in a busy shopping mall, or trailing on different online websites for the appropriate gift, vouchers can be the perfect, stress free alternative present of choice. It gives the voucher receiver more freedom to choose what they would like to purchase with their voucher in your shop.

Improved brand awareness

By selling your customised gift voucher, you are essentially promoting your business on the move. Every time the individual checks their wallet or drawer, they will see your business and be reminded of it. Thus your gift cards and vouchers are actually a free form of mobile advertising.

Additionally, people often ask others what they received for Christmas. By selling gift vouchers, your brand will be talked about and thus spread to new, potential customers.


If you are not already selling gift vouchers, perhaps you should be. They are the most requested holiday gift out there, so jump on board and get the most out of your sales this Christmas! 

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