3 Top Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales This Halloween

12 Oct 2020

Halloween season has arrived! It’s usually the time we start to get excited for trick or treating, sweetie bags, parties and celebrations. However, with COVID-19 rules ever changing, things could be different this year. What can you do to ensure your business sustains sales this October?

Some see Halloween as a minor holiday compared to Christmas or Easter. If that’s the case, they could be missing out on some significant sales growth. These marketing tips will help all small to medium business owners wishing to boost their revenue this holiday:

Prepare for a spooky storefront and website

This is one of the most common strategies business owners will think about whilst preparing for the holiday sales. Try targeting multiple elements that will catch customers’ attention as soon as they walk past your shop, through your doors, or online on your homepage. Remember, don’t make it too spooky – you don’t want to scare your customers too much!

Try refreshing your website with some pumpkins, spiders and skeletons. Some owners may choose to change the webpage colour, add sound effects and other imagery to be more enticing.

Pop-ups are another online incentive for customers to stay on your page. These are a great place to offer your promos and discounts under themes such as “trick or treat?”


As a business, you will want your customers to have the best Halloween experience. Offering them physical or digital gift vouchers is a tried and tested strategy. Here are some examples of what you could do with them:

  • Hand out discounts to loyal customers to use over holiday period, such as a ‘£5 off your Halloween feast’ voucher.


  • Kids go free vouchers. Child-friendly experiences are important over Halloween, and allowing children to come for free will entice whole families to your business.


  • Add short expiry dates to ensure spending over specific periods.


  • During Halloween, people love experiences, not stuff! Perhaps your business is already revolved around ‘experiences’ such as dining, staying overnight in a hotel, spa treatments or even watersports. If that is the case, what a better way to celebrate Halloween than with a Halloween-themed one!


  • Get inventive! Why not sell gift vouchers as an alternative to trick or treat sweets?


Even if your business isn’t directly Halloween-relatable, you can get creative with different types of content:

  • Write a Halloween-themed blog. Talk about your promotions, any upcoming Halloween-themed events you have on the horizon, or discuss existing products to create conversation about your brand. For example, if you own a restaurant, why not blog about some Halloween-themed party recipes?


  • Email Marketing is a great way to bring about recognition of existing holiday deals and discounts. Send a maximum of two targeted emails to your customers on the run up to Halloween. Remember not to over email, as they may end up being treated as spam. 


These are just some of the ways you can improve your sales this Halloween. We must do all we can during these challenging circumstances.

So to celebrate this spooky season, why not offer gift vouchers to help encourage customers to spend at your business. Call us for some free advice on what you can do to promote yourself this Halloween. For themed designs, feel free to speak to one of our team members who will aid you in creating your perfectly spooky voucher!

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