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Gift Voucher Printing – Have you thought about the content?

27 Feb 2018

Gift vouchers can serve a multitude of purposes and have universal appeal. But they are not all created with equal care!

The decision to commission gift voucher printing to market your product or service is an excellent one. However, for some companies, the actual content is a bit of an afterthought.

Here are some tips on content, to maximise the relevance and usefulness of your individual voucher or voucher booklet.

Voucher Security Features

Often the best place to start planning the content of your custom gift vouchers is the security elements of the design.

There are features you can add to deter misuse of the gift voucher, such as fraudulent duplicates. The options include using watermarked security paper or UV security inks. One thing is vital. Your voucher must incorporate a security hologram in its design.

You also have the option of sequential numbers for gift vouchers to provide added security, but also for measurement and control purposes.

Go For Maximum Impact

When considering gift voucher printing, bear in mind that this promotional tool should dovetail seamlessly with your corporate branding.

You want recipients to value it but also gain a quick snapshot of the type of company you are. Therefore, you need to develop voucher content that uses your corporate or product logo. But also, try to work in a website address and other text that “upsells”. At the very least, you want gift voucher recipients to know how to contact you.

Any imagery used on the gift voucher printing should be sharp and appealing, to show your company in the best possible light.

Get Your Offer Right

Once you have a secure and attractive voucher – that presents your corporate image in the best possible way – you need to create strong offer content.

The chances are that space is limited. So the gift voucher offer – such as a monetary value or discount code – needs to be carefully worded to be concise but clear.

Leave space for any crucial and urgent information, such as an expiry date or a limit on the use of the gift voucher. You can keep that simple if you add content to the effect of “Full terms and conditions to voucher use on our website.”

That way, your voucher content is covering you legally, without having to include a lot of information.

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