Voucher Security Features

Features of secure voucher printing

27 Nov 2017

Offering vouchers to your customers is a powerful way to improve brand loyalty and increase sales. However, the biggest immediate concern a business owner could have is whether or not the vouchers are truly safe, and that fraud can be properly avoided. Well, any voucher printing service worth using has a number of pre-built security features to stop people taking advantage of this fantastic promotional idea. Here are some of the features of vouchers which are truly secure.


Holograms are a fantastic voucher security feature as they cannot be copied or reproduced. They are very easy for you to identify, and you can compare a hologram you are presented with to one on your other vouchers, to identify whether it’s exactly the same. Finally, what makes holograms so cool is that in addition to the security features, they add a great deal of professionalism to your vouchers.

Voucher Numbering

Customised number sequences are an easy way to add security to your voucher codes. You can quickly check off redeemed vouchers against their stubs and keep track of the numbers. If a number has already been redeemed, then you can immediately see that someone is trying to pass the same number across twice. This feature is also useful as it can allow people to redeem their voucher through your eCommerce store as well as your physical store.

Watermarked Paper

Watermarked security paper is only entrusted to accredited manufacturers, so can’t be bought or copied by just anybody. It is easy to spot when high-quality watermarked paper has been duplicated, and almost impossible for a forger to do properly. Without even looking at the other security features, duplicated watermark paper is easy to spot.

Security Inks

The security ink found on vouchers works in a very similar way to official bank notes. UV ink can only be seen under a UV light, the same one you use to check for forged bank notes. The rear of your voucher can also have a thermochromic ink which reacts to heat. By holding it under a lamp, you can watch this ink react, and again be sure this is a legitimate voucher code.

As you can quickly see, this diverse array of security features helps make you voucher codes extremely difficult to duplicate, and very easy for you and your staff to identify. Better yet, getting your business some custom gift vouchers is surprisingly straightforward, and we offer a complete voucher printing service.

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