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The benefits of selling gift vouchers for Christmas

30 Oct 2017

Christmas is on the horizon, and the high street is starting to swell with people buying their Christmas gifts for friends, families, and loved ones. Naturally, you will want to direct some of that spending power towards your own business. While there are many ways to do so, one promotional tool that often gets overlooked by independent retail outlets is the humble gift voucher.

Here are just some reasons to create gift vouchers for your customers this Christmas.

Buying gift vouchers is convenient

Despite what the advertising industry would have us believe, most people just don’t like Christmas shopping – the queues, the crush of people, finding that the gift you were after is out of stock. Buying a gift voucher, either online or in-store, eliminates a lot of that hassle, making it the ideal purchase for the harried customer.

Gift vouchers continue to be a popular gift

Gift vouchers and cards are a billion pound industry – a five-billion pound industry, in fact, according to the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA) – and it continues to grow year on year. Over half of those sales are for individual stores (as opposed to generalised gift vouchers with dozens of applications). The message is clear: people love to give and receive gift vouchers for Christmas, and an attractive gift voucher design can act as a highly effective branding tool.

Create up front revenue and increase cash flow

One of the greatest benefits of gift voucher printing for stores in the run-up to Christmas is the anticipation of the post-Christmas lull. A gift voucher bought today to give as a Christmas present puts the money in your account now, increasing your cash flow in what can be a volatile period for shopkeepers. It also means you’ll have a supply of customers lined up for your new year sales and you won’t even need to promote it.

Gift vouchers are a great free advertising medium

Speaking of promotion – do you tell people about your Christmas presents? Well so does everyone else, and if a gift voucher from your company is one of the presents they’ve received, then every time they mention it in conversation, post about it on social media, you’re getting some crucial word-of-mouth advertising. Twice, in fact, since they’ll almost certainly do the same thing once they’ve spent those vouchers in-store.

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